Live the life you want | The Young Person ChallengeLive the life you want | The Young Person Challenge
Live the life you want | The Young Person Challenge
Steps for Living a Happier Life

Are you really happy?

Are you reading this on your computer at work? Or maybe your subconscious brought you here after a long commute, after you’ve finally had a chance to sit down and relax. In a few short hours, you’ll be off to bed or preparing for the next day…

Are you happy? Is this the life you’d like to be living?

I hate my commute

Live Your Best Life

The purpose of this blog is to help you understand what makes you happy (something at which humans are notoriously terrible) – and then motivate you to chase it down.

Let’s start by trying to identify just ONE thing that would make you a happier, healthier, more satisfied human being, and then create a playbook to get you there.

Sound good? Below is a series of steps to help get you started:

Picture yourself lying on your deathbed, at the ripe old age of 85. Thinking back upon your lengthy journey, is there anything that you REGRET not having done when you had the chance? (HINT: it’s most likely NOT going to be working more hours, or making more money)

Don’t make it too small – that’s no fun. Think BIG picture:

  1. I wanted to have been well-traveled.
  2. I wanted to spend more time with my family.
  3. I wanted to have started my own business idea.
  4. I wanted to have had a steady, fulfilling, romantic relationship.
  5. I wanted to have been a healthier, more attractive person to all.
  6. I wanted to have an interesting, gratifying, and rewarding career.
  7. etc…

Make this count

This is the most important step; you need to IDENTIFY the change that you want, and the fact that it EXISTS, in order to go about chasing it down. If you need ideas, see here.

Take a few moments, then move on once you’ve identified your goal…

Don’t quit yet! This is the fun part. Seriously, is there anything else that’s more important?

For whatever reason, up until now, our human brains have considered whatever goal you’ve outlined either (A) an insurmountable challenge, (B) unworthy of conscious thought, or (C) otherwise unimportant, while shoving every other ‘important’ thing in your life in front of it. But being the lucky young person you are, you have time on your side.

Let’s face this hurdle RIGHT NOW (what else are you doing?), in a concrete manner, by BREAKING IT DOWN into smaller, actionable steps. Let’s use something called the abstraction method.

The abstraction method

Imagine that your distant friend, “Tim”, is having a dilemma. Let’s say that it’s his life dream to travel the world, but because of work, money, and other life commitments, he just can’t swing it. Really imagine him, and picture his predicament. To Tim, his goal feels absolutely unrealistic, and he lacks any confidence for making it happen. Now imagine that you are grabbing a drink with Tim, and have the opportunity to give him some advice.

1. What are 2-3 high-level (ABSTRACT) instructions that you would give Tim in order to achieve his goal?

Tim needs more money, free time, and a plan for his journey.

2. Break down each instruction in #1. What is one actionable step that he could take TOMORROW in order to get started on each piece of advice?

Tim needs to make a budget to save X amount each week, prepare to quit his job by X month, and start doing a bunch of research on travel blogs.

3. Finally, forget about Tim completely. Take a look at each step you’ve identified in #2 above, and apply this situation to your OWN life. Now write down what you specifically would need to do in your own life to accomplish each step, and give yourself a deadline for making it happen.

I need to save $6,000 for a 3 month trip to Asia and future living expenses. I can save $600/mo by switching apartments, cutting down on Netflix, restaurants, Blue Apron, cell phone, and gym membership fees. At this rate I’ll be able to quit my job by this December. Start doing travel research next week to confirm a likely budget for my trip.

Sound complicated?

Here is a worksheet I made, just for you. Print it out and fill it in. No seriously, do it. You can even hang it up on your wall if you like:

Worksheet - Making a Plan

Worksheet – Make a plan

Worksheet - Making a Plan (example)


Now for the action.

Get out there and execute your plan!!! Chase down your dreams with fervor, and you will be rewarded – even if you fail.

Start tonight – go find some duct tape and paste that worksheet to your mirror. Tomorrow, get started on the first step that you wrote down.

Some tips:

  • Share your stories, tips, and testimonials with us on our Facebook page!
  • When you finish a step, CROSS IT OFF! Progress can be very motivating.
  • Plans can change. Don’t be afraid to revise yours as needed!
  • Off days can happen – this is a marathon, not a sprint.
  • Consider holding yourself accountable by sharing with a friend.

If you worked through the above exercise, you should now have a plan for working toward your goal in a definitive, actionable way. Nice work!

What’s next? COMMIT to it. Click the below button, and commit to working toward your best possible life. After all, is there anything else that really matters?

Mentally commit – accept the challenge

We're all in this together.

"I commit to actively taking the appropriate steps to help me achieve my desired goal in a genuine, measurable way."

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